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Snapchat for Nudes (Here’s What You Need to Know)


Instagram and Facebook are pushing back hard against the free the nipple movement. While Twitter has always been okay with adult content being published on their site, most social media platforms aren’t okay with nudes.

People have always been obsessed with the naked body. Michelangelo’s David isn’t covered up with a fig leaf; his junk is out there for everyone to see. And we’ve been admiring David’s junk – along with the private parts of other countless renaissance pieces – for decades on decades. Why do social media platforms have to be such prudes?

So instead of fighting against the SFW status quo, PornHub has surprisingly decided to help people make their nudes a little less nude, and more palatable for the likes of Insta and FB. I know it feels like the last thing a porn company should help society accomplish, yet here they are happily helping you to censor your salacious selfies.

They rolled out an app called Trick Pics, which allows you to place animated images over your privates to make them appropriate
enough to be posted on social media platforms! They basically provide you with a hilarious animated fig leaf of sorts to photoshop onto your photos.

Here’s how it works:

1. When you open the app, it’ll give you the option to either take a photo or choose a previously taken photo from your camera roll.

While you can’t take and edit a video in the app now, they’ve said they’re working on an update that will allow you to censor your sexy videos too!

2. The magic happens on the next screen. Here is where you can choose a ridiculous animation to cover your junk!

A lot of the options are pretty punny too! For instance, they have an image that’s a set of door knockers that’s meant to cover boobs. They also have a neon sign that says “All you can eat” which is intended to cover vaginas (or maybe boobies… if you’re into that).

The guys have a wide selection of emojis that are meant to cover dick ratings as well! They have everything from an animated snake charmer to the infamous dick in the box to a swinging lightsaber.

My personal favorite of all the choices is an animated hairpiece that looks oddly similar to that of what is precariously perched on top of POTUS’s head…

3. Once you’re satisfied with your edit, hit the check mark in the upper right-hand corner. From there the app processes your photo and creates it into a gif featuring the animated stickers you chose. You can save the gif and post it anywhere from Insta to Twitter to Facebook knowing that your photo won’t get flagged or taken down!

I know that you might not want to download this app because you can do the same thing on Snapchat with Emoji’s or on Insta-stories and let’s face it, storage is a precious thing on iPhones.

However, this app is well worth it just for comedy’s sake. Sure, you can use emojis to cover your naughty bits, but emojis aren’t animated, now are they?

The app is super easy to use and is definitely worth the download if you’re going to be posting your fair share of nudes to the internet or sending them. Using this app is a flirty way to keep your sexting sessions fun and light too! It’s not just for photos you plan on posting publically.

If you’re not completely sold, I understand. But once they come out with video editing I’m sure the app will be a must have.

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