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5 Flirting Tips For Shy Guys

A confident guy who can approach girls without a second thought is a lucky guy; he has a gift that many guys wish they had.

A guy who is shy and roots himself to the floor with self­-doubt is not very fortunate, at least in the respect of talking to women.

For a guy who isn’t so sure of himself, talking to the ladies is more difficult than many things, and he can spend many lonely nights thinking about what he can do to change his ways.

Well, I’ve got a few tips for you; five, to be exact.

#1: Practice on girls you might or even might not approach to date. 

By this I mean you should go up to pretty much any girl, whether or not you’re attracted to her or know her, and just try flirting a little.

If you have confidence in yourself, it might not do you much good if you don’t have an idea of what you’re going to say or talk about. Before you approach the girl, look for an “in”.

An “in” is anything that you can use to start a conversation. Maybe you know each other or have a friend in common.

Maybe it’s something you overheard her say. Another move is to just tell her she’s too pretty for you not to talk to; that’ll definitely get her attention.

Now that you’ve established some kind of conversation, you’re at the point where it’s either going to go well or you’re going to crash and burn.

Introduce yourself, and she will too, and now what you need to do is either ask her a question related to the “in” you have or compliment her again, whether it’s her smile, eyes, or anything else (well, not anything else, as you could sound like a huge perv).

Once you’ve gotten this far, try to be funny or charismatic. It might not even seem like flirting, but she’ll like it and thus she’ll start to like you.

Practice this a few times, and don’t take it to heart if you get shot down; not every girl is willing to chat, or they may simply not be into you. No biggie, just move on to the next one.

#2: Make her laugh.

If you can make her laugh, you’ve earned some brownie points for sure.

One way you can do this is to point out something funny or humorous in the surrounding environment. If you’re at a party, point out that really drunk dude and make a funny comment.

Don’t be a jerk about it, like saying you hate the guy, even if you do, but be casual about it. Nothing too deep, just keep it simple.

If you can make her laugh a few times, you’ve definitely got it made.

#3: Ask her about what she’s into.

If you have trouble talking to girls or even just thinking of what to say, make her do the talking.

People don’t mind talking about themselves, so give it a try. If you’re in college, ask her what her major is; if you have the same one, you’ve got a solid few minutes of conversation right there for you.

Even if she mentions stuff you couldn’t care less about, show genuine interest. Listening is a failing point of many, many guys, and showing you can listen and that you care will get you very far.

#4: Try a little touch.

When you’re talking to her, giving her a touch on the hand will show that you’re interested.

Of course, keep it appropriate unless you want a slap to the face and a kick in your gentleman’s area.

One thing you can do, which is quite corny (and she’ll think it’s cute) is to ask to read her palm. Tell her that she has a bright future ahead or a new change that’s upcoming should be welcomed.

If you’re at a big party and you’re trying to get drinks, put your hand lightly on the small of her back to help guide her and let you know you’re there for protection.

You can also grab her hand and lead her through the group, and let it linger a bit and see if she holds on. If she does, she’s interested.

#5: Get a new haircut.

This isn’t a tip but more of a way to help you out.
If you look fresh as hell in a new haircut, the ladies will definitely look at you, and their eyes 
may linger a bit.

If you’ve got the tools to get a girl’s interest, great, but it looks a little sloppy or like you don’t care what you look like, she might lose interest.

Part of the attraction is based on looks, right? Well looking hot for her will help you get her number, and you know she’s looking hot that night for a reason too.

So, take these tips and put them into practice. You might not hit a home run on the first try, and that’s totally normal.

Pretty soon you’ll be a master at talking to women and your confidence will build with each attempt. Just remember to save some ladies for the rest of us.

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